Are you a starseed believer or a ‘deluded schmuck’? Or are you just completely not triggered?

So, the mainstream media have started to report about groups of people that – gasp – believe they are ‘not from here’. Otherwise known as starseeds, these poor misguided individuals actually believe that a) we’re not alone in the multiverse and b) that the human body, miraculous as it is, is not the only form a soul might inhabit.

Clearly anyone believing in that kind of phenomena must be on drugs, looking to escape reality or just plain mad.  Because, after all, the government would have told us if there were aliens. Right…? And let’s not forget the scientific evidence, that is, apparently, completely missing for any kind of life ‘out there’.

I’m afraid, despite all the colourful language and accusations flying around, I can barely elicit a yawn in response.

There is, perhaps quite rightly, hot debate amongst the new-age communities about all this. Isn’t it just another form of prejudice? ‘Starseedism’ perhaps? After all, it’s just another ‘origin theory’ if you like, along with many of the religions of the world. And, good point, but that’s actually not what interests me about all this.

What interests me is that I’m NOT triggered! Maybe they need to throw bigger insults, and question the sanity of delusional individuals such as myself? Or maybe I’m just too bored to muster up much outrage.

After all, the reaction of the non-woo parties makes sense. If you’ve never even considered the possibility of life, other than on our, quite frankly, magnificent planet (that we’re doing a good job of destroying, but that’s another story!)  then it would of course, be a laughable idea that any form of non-human might exist.  Laughable, crazy, impossible and even a bit frightening. ‘Mars Attacks!’ anyone? Ack! Ack! (whoops – showing my age there!)

So I can totally understand the derogatory comments. It kind of makes sense. What is doesn’t do, is change my mind, or my beliefs on the subject, or anyone else’s for that matter. So, it seems a bit pointless to argue.

It actually makes me giggle, the thought that anyone ‘down here’ can state with absolute confidence that they know actually what is and isn’t present in the vastness of the multiverse. Especially when we haven’t even been able to explore further than our own solar system.

To state that you know ‘all about something’ is also a little bit flawed in my opinion. I mean, you might have extensive and even expert knowledge in a particular area, but do you know everything there is to know? Surely you are looking at things from your own subjective lens in any case – which I’m not knocking – it is a valuable and beautiful thing to see through your own lens and then share those thoughts and ideas with others.

In some of the communities I’m a part of, they talk about the danger of coming to conclusions and while it’s a bit of a head-spinner at first (what do you mean there’s no absolute truth?!) I have to agree.

I think of it a bit more like, well, I’ve reached this point in my thinking. It’s pretty solid, I can’t get further that that, so this is my current theory. There’s probably more truth to add at a later point, but this is fine for now.

So, instead of hurling insults and abuse at one another over whether and what we believe, maybe we should all accept that there is more than one truth, and that none of us have the whole truth (and nothing but the truth!). After all, the more you know, the more you realise you DON’T know – and that in itself, can be a beautiful thing.

For all the gods are one god and all the goddesses are one goddess and to every man his own truth – and the god within.