What’s really happening on earth? Where the (ahem) hell, did the ‘Golden Age’ go??

What’s really been happening on the earth all this time? What about the golden age? Is it here yet? Will it ever get here? Is it just all a load of wishful thinking and spiritual claptrap?

Well, I have another question. What happened to all the peace, love and goodwill in the 60’s? Wasn’t that supposed to lead somewhere? Because, it didn’t. Which seems a bit strange. A trajectory that got cut off in its prime. And if it WAS meant to be the start of the new aquarian age/golden age/whatever you want to call it, then what happened?

You might not like the answer. And people who were ‘up there’ planning to arrive on earth for the aforementioned ‘new age’ will be even more pissed off, as the energies that they had counted on being present for their particular missions on earth never arrived, which made everything that bit more difficult. Perhaps they’re looking back now thinking, “but I was supposed to do so much more. What happened?” Hmmm. Good question. Something that was completely out of order – in every sense!

Basically, there was something that acted like a kind of lens distortion re what was happening on the earth. The nonphysical beings, aliens, angels, however you want to think of them, were looking at earth and at the future timeline, and as far as they could see, it was going forward nicely.

And what about when it didn’t materialise? Well, it just seemed to them that there were a few glitches, and anyway, what is ‘time’ when you’re operating outside of it? We had loads, they had loads, earth had loads. So, it was taking a bit longer than anticipated. No problem.

Quite apart from mixed messages being sent and received between the physical and nonphysical – which made it a lot harder for the planet to get the help it needed, there was the matter of LOOPS. And I don’t mean fruit loops (although some of you are probably thinking I am – well you wouldn’t be the first!). So – you know what a loop is right?

I propose that around the end of the sixties there was a kind of reset. Not ‘the great reset’ – whatever that is, I’m just using the term to illustrate what happened. You could put it another way.

The people on earth were playing snakes and ladders and they’d got right to the top of the board. They were one throw of the dice away from winning. Only… there was a space with a snake on it that went right back to square number one. Who remembers that? That’s the one you don’t want to land on, right?

Well, we did – or rather earth did – and wheeee! back down the snake we went. Goodbye peace and love and hello commercialism, capitalism and many other ‘isms that were not helpful for humanity’s development. But – hey the technological age was blossoming, so on the surface of things it looked like progress. To the ‘nonphysicals’ as well.

As far as they were concerned, earth had just gone a little off course. It just needed one or two adjustments. But they had to keep on making adjustments, until it was easy to get caught up in the fine detail of adjusting course, so that was where all of their focus went and it was harder, if not impossible, to see the bigger picture.

Loops. What loops? They weren’t seeing any loops (because the loops were never MEANT to be seen). And, of course, if you’re in them it’s rather hard to do. And those down on earth were completely caught up.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think we went through the entire journey again, only quicker this time, and then reset every time there was a big leap forward in consciousness. Loopy right? And extremely clever.

Everyone was working so hard to ‘make the world a better place’ and make leaps of consciousness and every time we congratulated ourselves for a job well done, we’d hop back to square one again, only, each time, it got less noticeable, and in the end we accepted it as the norm.

And I’m saying all this, not because I expect people to believe it, but because I really like the idea of putting it out there, whether or not it is believed, or accepted. The internet is a powerful energy, you see. You put things ‘out there’ on it and maybe you get engagement and maybe you don’t, but you’ve still put it into that melting pot of information that is available to all. And energetically that will find a way to leak into the general consciousness – or rather unconsciousness. And that’ll really piss off certain parties, who would prefer that we were all kept in the – ahem – dark. Job done, I reckon.

Don’t rise up — ground in! The myth of ascension and why it’s missing the mark.

‘Earth Moo’ by Daniel Saunders

If you’ve been surfing anywhere in the metaverse you will have come across talk of ascension – something, we should all be aspiring to because, apparently, all the world actually needs is for humanity to ‘rise up.’

Isn’t that great? Take a look at humanity. There are a lot of good people in the world, but do you actually see them ‘rising up?’ No, neither do I. It would take a miracle. And if you’ve been watching the world over the last few decades you’ll realise we are about all out of those!

But what about God? Angels and archangels. Higher vibrational beings. Aliens from outer space. Are they helping us at all? Well, yes, actually. There are a ton of higher vibrational energies being directed at earth and have been for a while.

All sorts of beings are working to raise the vibration of earth and trying to help humanity, which is great. Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem.

These helpful energies are bouncing off, or getting stuck, before they can ground down into the lower and more physical vibrations. And why is that? Well, suffice it to say that unfortunately, good is not the only energy out there!

That is a problem, because in order to manifest things into the world we need to bring our visions down from the clouds of our imagination to a level where they can become physical.

We might all have a ‘higher self’ but ultimately we’re here in physical bodies. So we need help at the physical level. And quite frankly, if all we’re doing is thinking about attuning to higher vibrations and how to ascend, then we’re doing the wrong thing!

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with tuning in to higher vibrational energies and beings, but on its own, it’s just all too airy fairy to do any actual physical good.

I realise this might all sound rather negative and yes I am absolutely having a rant, but never fear, there is some very good news!

The energies that the planet and its people need in order to become more enlightened as a species are already waiting for us. And instead of ‘rising up’ to meet them, we need to pull them down — or ground them in — to our level.

Imagine them as balloons. If we float up to meet them, we can hang there in the sky, being about as helpful as a chocolate teapot, but if we grab their strings and pull them down, then all that peace, love and pure intent can manifest through us into the physical world.

So if you really want to do some good in the world, for god’s sake don’t float off into the ether. It might be nice up there but it’s a total cop out. The world needs you and it needs you down here, in the present moment, in your physical body acting as a grounding force for these wonderful energies that are being directed at the planet.

There’s nothing to say you can’t pop out and in and take an occasional trip in a balloon 😉 but at the end of the day you came to earth for a physical experience and earth needs you here and present to usher in the new age of love and light, that everyone is talking about.

So, walk barefoot on the earth, go on a digital detox, be mindful and conscious of being in your body. Tune into those wonderful energies hovering over the planet and deliberately draw them down onto the planet where they are so desperately needed.

One word of warning however — not all the energies aimed at the planet are as pure they ought to be — so use your discernment. If you are absolutely sure what you are grounding in, then do it.

If not, you can help by staying as grounded as possible in your physical body. We all watch TV and scroll mindlessly on our phones, but be aware, and try to keep it down.

Do more exercise, go out in nature, don’t spend every minute looking at a screen (she says while typing – but bear with me!) and, above all, try to be mindful of being in your body and in the present moment.

This is what the world needs right now. Tempting as it is to just float off away from everything, hang on in there and you can help humanity usher in a new age.