Holiday revelations!


I finally had some time out this year. Just one week, away from everything. And boy did it throw up some revelations! There is something to be said for stopping completely. No obligations, commitments, worries, chores or duties. Creating a space, however, always allows for something new to flow in – hence the revelations.

One big eye-opener for me was the feeling I got when I realised I didn’t have to meet any obligations or expectations – including and particularly – my own! Since I was ‘away’, I couldn’t be distracted by household chores, or things that needed doing in the garden. There was no phonecall to be made to my dad every day, no clients, no writing targets and no need to contact friends and family, as they knew I was away.

I actually had to go and lie down for a couple of hours to try and adapt to the massive change in energy that resulted.  I realised that worry over my obligations to others had been weighing me down – and not just a little, but by several tons!

It’s not that other people had been ‘putting on me’ or demanding that I help them out. Far from it. It was my own inner taskmaster!

I love to make a difference to people’s lives and I particularly feel for them when they are stuck as I know what it’s like. It doesn’t mean that I’m never going to attempt to help them out but I’m not going to blame myself if I don’t have the time and energy or if other priorities get in the way.

What I have come to realise is that I am not responsible for other people lives, or for how and why they have got to where they are. You’d think this would have been obvious! But not to me apparently!! – and I’m sure there are others like me out there, who mistakenly assume it is their job to take on responsibility for the happiness of the whole blooming world! 😉

The irony of it is that as a result of this new perspective, I am starting to feel stronger and lighter, with more capacity to help the people that I wanted to help in the first place! So if there is anyone else like me out there, you don’t have to give up helping out, but you do need to keep it in accordance with your own needs and where the other person is in their healing journey. Sometimes people are just not ready for change.

It is a hard thing to do but sometimes, letting go, can result in allowing more of what we actually want into our lives, whereas by trying to take control, we actually keep it away.

The Universe has its own ebb and flow and we need to go with that flow rather than against it. All things come to pass, without trying to force them to happen in the way we think is best. The more you let GO – the more you let IN. Just give it a go sometime and see how liberated you feel!

The far-reaching effects of just one Easter Bonnet! Should we really dare to believe in ourselves?!

I thought it would be useful to share a profound, hat-related, realisation that I came across in one of my old diaries –  in the hope that it will be of some use to somebody out there.  I certainly could have done with somebody telling me this when I was 9 rather than waiting til over 30 years later!

So.. it all started at school (as most things do!) with a competition for best Easter Bonnet (for ‘Bonnet’ read ‘hat’ but they were an old fashioned school in every sense!) 😉  I should mention, my junior school (from 6-11) was a Catholic Convent so Jesus figured quite large, even, and especially, with Easter Bonnets! However, most of the religion lark didn’t make much of an impact at that age, so I didn’t really consider Jesus when I was creating my Easter Bonnet; I just wanted to make a nice hat! 😉

As it happened, for my birthday, I had been given a nightdress case made of two circles of foam covered in cotton, the top halves sewn together so you could put your nightdress inside – although looking back I’ve no idea why anyone would want to do that! On the top circle sat a doll, with frilly orange and white ribbon spreading out like a tiered skirt. It was quite pretty and being really rather creative and imaginative! – I foresaw a better use for it, namely as a hat!

I managed to open it up enough to cram it on my head and sewed two ribbons either side to go under my chin so that the ‘hat’ stayed on! God only knew what it actually looked like – and I expect he was watching, it being a Catholic school –  but it is safe to say I was completely delighted with my efforts! I thought it looked original and rather spectacular! I even thought it might win. So when they called out the name of the winner and I heard ‘Elizabeth’, I jumped up and marched proudly through the ranks of parents and children to claim my prize.

I must stress at this point that it was never about the prize, but I really thought that hat was worthy of winning!  It was at this point that my mum came up and very tactfully explained there had been a mistake and it had not been me, but another Elizabeth who had won the prize. Admittedly, her hat was rather splendid too; a real home-made effort and religious to boot, as it was a velvet Bishop’s mitre and rather niftily crafted. To this day I have no idea whether they called out her name or mine. I rather suspect they might have called out HER name, but with my unshaking faith in my wonderful frilly nightcase of a hat I rushed up there without really listening hard enough.

So… of course, when my mum explained the mistake I felt absolutely terrible. Everyone had seen me march up there to get the prize and presumably everyone had heard it wasn’t my name that was called out.  How could I have been so arrogant as to assume that my hat was the best? I felt I was a laughing stock. Who was I to put myself and my silly frilly hat forward? How could I possibly have believed in myself to that extent? How utterly mortifying!

And this was how it felt for years – about 35 actually! Until I thought about it again…

Then I realised that what I’d felt so horrified about for all those years was the fact that after creating a rather original hat, I had believed in it to the extent that I rushed up to claim a prize that was not intended for me. But actually, I had done more than that. My unshakeable belief in my hat created a situation where I not only went up to claim the prize, but the teachers handed it over! Thinking back I wonder why they did that? Perhaps they didn’t want to make a scene. They most DEFINITELY knew the difference between me and the other Elizabeth! We were polar opposites. She was star pupil and teacher’s pet and I was, ‘the naughtiest girl in the school’ – and I really was! So the teachers all knew exactly who I was believe me!! There could have been no confusion on their part, but they meekly handed over the prize, and left it to my mother to sort out!

So, my deep and abiding faith in my hat (if not so much in Jesus!) got me a very long way as I see it! – and by marching up past all those rows of pupils and parents, a lot of whom must have been wondering what on earth I was doing, was showing how much I believed in myself and my millinery creation! And I had been beating myself up for years about that! Despite the fact that I know that it is a GOOD thing to believe in yourself! I also know it is a GOOD thing to demonstrate this fact to other people; to broadcast a vibration of self-belief. As you will read in many of the spiritual books these days, self-belief is everything! If you can believe it, you can achieve it! Belief creates reality! Very desirable stuff.

But somehow, I had managed to end up with an unconscious pattern, created by this formative Easter Bonnet experience, that said it was wrong and shameful to believe in yourself, and especially to broadcast that fact to others. In new age terms, the vibration of THAT unconscious pattern would bring me precisely ZILCH, whether it be prizes for my Easter Bonnet or recognition of my creative skills.  As you can imagine, I was very pleased to have discovered this proverbial skeleton hiding away in my subconscious, as it needed changing pronto!

So, my message to other people is: believe in your silly frilly hat and tell everyone else about it as well! Even if it’s terrible! Self belief is everything. No-one else can do it for you, and it is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself!

Launch of Mooniverse Books

This month we have some exciting news to share! Since our cat Moo, died, we have been contemplating how we would like to honour his memory.

As well as running our Multi-Dimensional Healing service, Dan and I both write books. We realised that as all our books have a spiritual dimension, we could link all our work together under the one umbrella, so to speak.

We decided to start our own company to publish the graphic novels, children’s books and non-fiction books that we have written. We came up with the name Mooniverse Books, as it combines our interest in spirituality, with our love of cats (Moo in particular!) 😉 and our desire to make a difference in the world.

We have many different books scheduled for release this year, but our first two are, “Karl the Hotdog Wizard,” a humorous and thought -provoking graphic novel about the likeable, yet rather naive Karl, who is searching for greater meaning in his life, and a book inspired by Moo himself, called “There’s More to Your Cat.” This pocket size read, covers simple energy work you can do on your cat, along with animal communication techniques and a deeper look at the nature of consciousness and how it relates to our animal friends.

If you are interested in buying a copy, click on the photo above to be taken to our Etsy page. We would also like to invite you to visit our Mooniverse Books website where you can find out more about what we do, check out our new releases, and explore links to our range of ‘I love Moo’ greetings cards and other merchandise on Redbubble.

The Hidden Power of Playfulness

Just me Hands

Image by lisa runnels from Pixabay 

Most people aren’t aware that ‘play’ is a very powerful thing.  The less limits you impose upon yourself when looking for a solution, the greater the range of options available to you. The more relaxed and free you can be in your energy, the easier it will be to reach a state of flow with your intuition and inspiration. Ideas and solutions will come rapidly and without effort.

Play is a willingness to be much more free in our expression. So much of the time, we feel we must keep our feelings, our facial expressions, our urges to dance etc, to ourselves.  We have been brought up hearing a variety of old adages, among others:

  • Children should be seen and not heard
  • Sit still and don’t make a fuss
  • Don’t be a showoff
  • Don’t blow your own trumpet
  • Put other people first
  • Don’t attract attention to yourself

boy behind wire fence

Image by ibrahim abed from Pixabay 

A lot of these ideas are reasonable in context, but the trouble is, they get embedded in our subconscious, so we tend to always act according to those guidelines, even if we are not aware of it. Putting other people first is polite and friendly, but isn’t a good idea all the time. You need to put yourself first now and again, or you tend to get stuck in the default behaviour pattern of ‘I must put everyone else first.’  This then becomes an imbalance, and you will inevitably suffer from it in some way, mentally, physically or emotionally. There needs to be a balance.

It is the same with play and self-expression. Take a job interview for example; that would be a sensible place NOT to fully express your urge to dance, giggle and pull stupid faces! (Wait til you get out of the room at least!) 😉

It just takes a bit of common sense, and lo, you realise you CAN express yourself as you feel in the current moment. As an example, while giving my hands a break from typing this article, I decided to ‘play the piano’ on my gel wrist support. It was quite fun, gave my mind a break for a few moments and then I was back typing. I didn’t stop to wonder whether or not that was silly and I wouldn’t have if I’d been in an office environment either.

Who cares if you play the piano on your wrist support in your micro breaks? You still get the work done! You’ll feel more cheerful and your energy will thank you because it is not being contained. The thing people don’t realise is, being repressed and holding yourself back even in small ways TAKES ENERGY! You are devoting a proportion of your energy resources to this, when you could be using it on something you want to do.

That is one bonus of allowing yourself to be playful. The other is even more powerful. For example, in our Multi-Dimensional Healing work we are constantly looking for answers, tuning into the energy of the client and allowing ourselves to receive the information that we need to help the person.

You might think that you need to ‘REALLY CONCENTRATE’ in order to pull that off. But really concentrating is a form of resistance – because it means MAKING A BIG EFFORT. Effort means pushing against something and another word for that is resistance. What you resist persists, as I’m sure you’ve heard elsewhere.

So what is the answer? Not to try? Well, it’s more a case of ‘letting go’. ALLOWING the answers, the energy, the information to come, rather than pushing for it. It’s much easier that way and the quality of the information or inspiration will be much more helpful.

So in our work we find that humour, playfulness and relaxation are a much more effective way to get the best results. If you are telling us something serious or sad we won’t laugh and joke around, but at the same time we can’t allow it to upset us or make us too sad for you.

Our job is to detach from our emotional feelings and just allow ourselves to receive the information that would be most helpful at the time. That is the way we can perform best and be most useful to our clients.

It works well outside of the clinic room too. Where we can feel really sad and upset for other people’s lives and situations, we try not to allow it to bring OUR energy down, as if WE are down we cannot help anyone else.

Generally, if you are relaxed, laughing and playful your energy will be higher than if you are concentrating furiously, or trying really hard. The optimum state to be in for results is flow; it doesn’t matter if you’re a tennis player, a pianist or an accountant.

Being in a state of flow allows everything that you need in each moment to come to you.  If you are trying too hard, you hold it back from yourself and if you are sad or down, then again it limits the flow.

What we are actually doing by holding ourselves back, is cutting off our own potential. So think about how you behave and whether you are unconsciously following rules that you might have learnt in childhood, that are not appropriate right now.

It’s a beautiful world, but it is also ugly, depressing and full of things to bring you down. What the people and the planet needs most is joy, and the best way to reach that state is freedom of expression through fun, play and laughter. These are the energies that will help transform the world and can be a wonderful tonic to the people around you as well.


The Secret to Perfection is it’s actually impossible.

I was surprised but nonetheless greatly relieved, when Moo mentioned that ‘Source isn’t perfect’. Now that might sound shocking to some, but it’s not that simple. When trying to explain the force that makes up living energy, simple doesn’t come into it!

Perfection is a limited state, from which there can be no growth and Source is not limited, therefore Source is not perfect.  As Source, or ‘All That Is’ contains all things, then it contains both the perfect and the imperfect together.

I pricked up my ears when I heard that. Does this mean I don’t need to be 100% perfect I asked myself? What a relief! Suddenly the pressure was off. It meant I could make a mistake, forget to, or be unable to, use right speech, I could have an uncharitable thought or a jealous feeling. And – get this – I would be ok! I would still be a good person. It was ok not to get things right all the time! However, just because I don’t have to strive for perfection it doesn’t mean I don’t strive for IMPROVEMENT.

We are constantly growing and seeking to expand our experience, ideally in a positive way.  I’m always looking to improve the way I feel, think and speak. I’m always refining techniques to find new and better ways of helping people. All those are worthy aspirations – but the key word here is to improve, or make better, not to make perfect.

Although I try to be accepting and tolerant of others, I do get irritated by the fact that society seems to have such expectations of perfection. Celebrities are the obvious example; they must look perfect, have a perfect marriage with perfect children and never make mistakes – or we heap them with scorn and derision and troll their Twitter accounts! However, we non-celebrities are just as quick to judge and ‘unfriend’ each other when people don’t match up to the standards we have created for them.

As a therapist I also feel that expectation extends to me. If I help clear people’s energy blocks and emotional baggage it must mean I am completely free of them myself.  Sorry to disappoint, but, nope!

I have worked through an enormous emotional backlog over the last few years but I’m not there yet! I’m so much healthier and happier but I still have work to do. After all, I have a job, chores, books to write, a life to lead! I can’t spend 24/7 working on myself – and neither can Dan! Plus these things take time – it’s a bit like the bereavement process in that respect. It takes as long as it takes!

But even if you clear ALL your stuff you won’t be immune to mistakes. As one inspiring (but not actually perfect) celebrity says; it’s not your mistakes but how you deal with them that counts.

In the quest for a better society, we could start by not expecting quite so much from others. Try allowing for people to get it wrong, see if they do indeed learn and move on. And then maybe, applaud, because it takes some doing and ‘there but for the grace of God go I.’ Anyone can slip up, no matter how ‘sorted’ they are as a person, how much ‘baggage’ they’ve cleared.

It might not make the world a perfect place 😉 but it would be a whole lot happier and better for it. We’re all doing our best in difficult circumstances. So if someone slips up try not to judge them too harshly. Unless you’re perfect of course…