Compassion, flexibility, understanding and tolerance are central to healing the body and mind.


In Multi-Dimensional Healing we are always looking for another way if one way doesn’t work! The beauty of having two heads, which as everyone knows are better than one! 😉 is that we can come at the issue from different angles and what one person misses, the other will pick up. It is also a good way of double checking the crazy stuff – and there will always be the crazy stuff! With two of us we can more easily make sense of what otherwise seems to make none and find how to work with it to create change.

As it says above, when we have compassion, we can find another way… this is true. We work from a standpoint of zero judgement, no matter what the issues are that we are working on. We both come from a background that provided enormous challenges that had to be overcome, especially with regard to emotional issues, such as depression, anxiety, self-sabotage etc.

Many years ago, I suffered with something very similar to M.E. It didn’t have a name! And as many of you may have experienced, anything without a name doesn’t exist or is only in your mind and please just get over it!

There is better information and awareness today, but sufferers from illnesses like M.E. Fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety and other similar conditions still meet with disbelief, intolerance and even aggression. People don’t like what they don’t understand and these conditions are very difficult to understand if you haven’t been there yourself!

Fortunately we have! – so we are ready and willing to listen to whatever you have to say and find a way of getting to the heart of the matter in order to create change.

Can you predict the future? (and in that case, what are the lottery numbers for next week?!)

It’s up to you what you believe, but personally I do believe that mind is capable of moving forward and backward in time. In fact we work with timelines a lot in our healing sessions and it is very effective. Predicting the future, however, is a rather nebulous and slippery sort of deal! The reason for that is that the future isn’t a fixed state!

Although we perceive ourselves as a solid human body, we are actually a constantly changing mass of particles and our thoughts, emotions and beliefs are also in flux. From a quantum point of view, this would make predicting an absolute future a rather risky science!

I think that there are ‘trends’ however, which makes it possible for psychics and mediums to be able to make some sort of future prediction. We are all in charge of our own destiny and we can change it anytime, but most of us plod along the same old paths, so the outcome will be more predictable.

This is my view of predicting future trends, however I don’t think that it is black and white by any means. There is a way to predict what is likely to happen, given the current trends, but at the same time other ***t goes on that is totally outside our comprehension – I am reasonably sure about that!

However, I do hold with the idea that some things are set in stone. Certainly it has rung true in my own life.

When I was younger and looking for the one (as you do!), I met someone who ticked none of the boxes I’d set out for myself. He was a lot older (I wanted someone my age), he had no hair, (I liked long hair) and he was on the shorter side, (I liked tall men!) And it was game over! So much for my ideals!


I knew from the start that there was something deeper than attraction going on. It is hard to explain but it felt like we had been looking for each other for a very long time. Despite this, we went through a very hard time right from the start. During this time, I kept getting messages from my guides (via a family medium) saying “Don’t worry, you and Bob will be together. It’s set in stone.”

Despite 5 years of incredible setbacks, challenges and trauma, being apart was never an option. So yes… I believe that was set in stone. After that, he was diagnosed with Cancer which he didn’t survive, and I am wondering now, whether that also, was set in stone.

I would jokingly say ‘Promise you’ll never get run over by a bus so we can always be together.’ No matter what I said, he would always say ‘what if I didn’t have a choice?’ Looking back, you can’t help wondering whether it was ‘set in stone’ and whether he could possibly have known.

Since then my life has taken many twists and turns and I feel like I have ended up exactly where I was meant to be. Some of the route might have been questionable but I am quite sure that Bob was one of those fixed points that was always going to happen, no matter which way I went.

Some people believe that absolutely everything is mapped out for us, but that would make things very boring and predictable and fortune tellers would make a lot more money! It also takes away the idea of free will, which if this is indeed a free will Universe, would seem rather daft!

I believe there is a middle ground, that SOME, but not all things, are set in stone. If you imagine life as a map, there will be places on the map that are in bold, capital letters. Those are the places you are definitely going. How you get there is another matter. There are many paths up the mountain and it is hard to predict which one someone will take and what will happen on the way!

Given that you can predict some things though… how about Saturday’s lottery numbers?

I’m probably going to shock you now. Although I believe it might be possible to get the right numbers using the yes/no system that we use in our practice, I’m not really comfortable with using the universal forces in that way. For me it is inextricably linked to what we do in our healing practice which is solely in order to help others rather than helping ourselves! Now, fact is, it might be absolutely fine to use that method to get the numbers (although don’t get me wrong, I think it would be quite tricky!!) but if I don’t feel right about it then it’s not going to happen. That is one universal law I’m sure of. If it doesn’t feel right to me, it won’t work well for me! So, what we can predict from here, is my odds of winning via that method have just plummeted!


All those without such hang-ups however, feel free to get onto it! You could try using muscle testing to access your innate knowing – it would take some experimentation but it might work! After all, if you believe something is possible… then you are on the path to creating it! Then, if you win and you want to express your gratitude to me for helping you on your way, then just remember one thing. I really, really, like chocolate! 😉

How much do we know without knowing it?! And when we DO know that we know.. why do we doubt?!

You would be amazed what the mind knows. If you ask for answers on a particular topic, your mind will deliver them for you – although admittedly – not always in the way that you expect. Some people meditate for answers, some ask their mind a question, go and do something else, then have a brainwave a few hours later. There are a lot of ways to access the things that we know, but don’t always know that we know!

In our Multi-Dimensional Healing practice we work with intuition all the time. We are constantly asking questions; where to start a session, where a problem originates in the body, when do we start and stop doing a particular technique, and which technique is best?

I have now had so many affirmations that my intuition was correct that I could fill several books. So I should be completely confident right? Well… no not quite. And I think this is the case for many people. It is hard to allow ourselves to trust the information. When something pops up that the logical mind does not expect, it is easy to dismiss it as a mistake or distrust it. What we need to do, is go with it and see where it leads.

As someone who has “heard voices” pretty much all my life, I am used to intervention on a daily basis! 😉 However, I didn’t always listen. It has taken time and experience to show me that every time I dismissed the advice and decided it wasn’t right, I have been wrong! So there has been a gradual learning curve over time where these particular ‘voices’ are concerned.

A typical scenario would be this. I’m in Tesco. I need an onion. A voice in my head says – Get three. I think about it logically and realise that no, I only need the one onion so I buy one onion. When I get home I realise that actually I had another meal planned for the next day which needed two more onions. This kind of thing has happened again and again over the years.

Eventually you learn to listen to voices that say ‘buy three onions’ or ‘go into that shop’. You don’t need anything from ‘that shop’ and you can’t think of anything you would want to buy from it at this point. But if you’re sensible, you go in anyway and look about. If you are going with the flow, you will be drawn to a particular spot where, lo and behold, there IS something you didn’t know you needed or had forgotten you wanted; something that would be useful to you in some way.

Whereas I do actually believe in angels/guides, whatever you want to call them and do believe that they are ready to help me out, I am unsure as to whether this help extends to the number of onions I need for the evening meal! 😉 I mean, you know – so they’re there to help – but helping with the shopping?? It does seem rather frivolous!

We can’t be sure, but I think there may be a simpler explanation. The brain has the capacity to store unlimited amounts of information, but for our sanity, some of that information gets put on the back burner, leaving us space to think about what is most relevant at the time. Some part of your mind, however, knows exactly how many onions you need, even if it isn’t information that is consciously available.

When you are at the supermarket considering your onions – or onion! – the part of your mind that knows you need more, will light up and try to communicate what it knows. In my case I am used to hearing a voice in my head, giving me advice, so that is the way my mind produces the information. Other people might get a niggly feeling that there is something they haven’t remembered, or one onion might seem wrong somehow.

These sensations are because although your logical mind tells you ‘one onion’, another part of you knows it is three! And yes, you could go mad and buy a bag anyway! But I’m cautious about buying too much, as I don’t like waste and I try to be careful with my pennies. Hence the 1 onion, 3 onions dilemma!

Your dilemma might be different – do I need one diamond ring or two?! 😉Trust your subconscious however, because it really knows stuff! So if you hear a voice in your head or start feeling an urge to buy BOTH those rings – then pay heed – your mind might be trying to tell you something!

To be honest, even as a seasoned practitioner, I still experience doubt, and sometimes argue back, when my intuition is trying to tell me something. So don’t be put off. It’s quite normal. The logical part of your mind will always go on trying to be helpful! That’s just what it does. The key is to ignore it and keep on trusting your inner knowing – you will be surprised at the results.

Getting the right balance in giving. Is wanting to help people a good thing? This might seem like a no-brainer – but read on McDuff!

Helping others and doing good in the world, has to be a positive thing doesn’t it? When it comes right down to it, yes it does, but everything has to have balance.

A while back I was talking to a friend about how I’d love everyone to be happy. Ok so that’s an idealistic and unrealistic goal but it’s a good thing right? Nope! Not according to my friend who had experienced the imbalanced side of giving and was immediately suspicious when I said how much I loved helping people. He was sure it MUST be some kind of attention-hungry behaviour that meant that I was in need of approval all the time.

cartoon article 3 helping

As someone whose raison d’être in life is helping others, I have often asked myself that question.  After all, my mother was a psychologist, so it comes naturally to keep tabs on myself!  What am I doing this for? Are my motives pure or I am actually giving because I want something back? Do I need to help people to feel better about myself, or to get people to like and approve of me?

It’s a tricky one – because I DO feel good when I help other people. It feels fantastic to see a client experience amazing changes that make a difference to their life. But I think that goes for us all.

Most of us love to help others and we don’t do it with any thought of return, just for the pure satisfaction of giving or making a difference to someone’s life.

However, there are people who give ONLY to get something back even if it’s your energy or approval, because they need to feel good about themselves. You’ll know when you’ve been on the receiving end of this kind of help. Instead of feeling grateful you end up feeling harassed and uncomfortable.

I’m not putting those people down because it is easy enough not to feel good about yourself. Who can say they feel truly secure in themselves? It can take many years of work!


beach and quote

I think it is useful to look closely at yourself, to examine your altruistic motives. Why are you giving – is it because there is part of you that needs to fill a void? If that is the case, don’t feel too bad! Helping people is good!

Ideally though you need to look at why it is that you don’t feel good enough in the first place.

There are all the usual suspects to be considered: childhood, school, parents, relationships – it is likely that somewhere in there, someone has made you think you weren’t enough and that you needed to prove yourself or somehow make up the deficit.

There are lots of self help books out there, but I can recommend Diana Cooper’s ‘Transform your life’. It’s particularly helpful in healing the inner child if you find it relates back to childhood – which for most of us it does! If you prefer to watch a video, then look up Matt Kahn on You Tube who has a lot of very sensible and enlightening things to say about loving yourself and what he calls ‘emotional freedom’.

You deserve to feel good about yourself despite what other people think and it can be done. Then you can go about helping people in a balanced way that makes the world a better place and all the better for having you in it, and what’s more – you’ll know it! 😊


Is it ethical to help someone without their permission? Can you send remote or distance healing to someone without their knowledge? And what do you do, if you ask and they flat out refuse! Should you give up and go away or is there something you can do?

I was told years ago that there were very strict rules on what you could and couldn’t do for other people For example, when sending out healing to someone, you had to get their permission. However, it’s not quite as cut and dried as that. The idea that you are the door, not the doer is foundational to most healing therapies. The practitioner ‘opens the door’, by offering energy to the client and it is up to that person whether or not to let it in and enable their own healing. So in that case, the matter of permission is moot.

The idea of permission being unnecessary also comes from the fact that we live in something called a free will Universe. That is to say we have the power over our own lives, to make our own decisions, for better or for worse – and before you start asking what is a non-free-will Universe like, I may as well make it clear – I have no idea!

In this particular Universe however, we have the power to make decisions for ourselves about what we will and won’t accept – and that goes for energy coming in, such as thoughts of love and healing etc. How do we decide if we’re going to accept it if we don’t know it’s coming? Well that’s the thing – we DO know!

There are machines that can take pictures of the aura, or energy body, but what no-one can tell us, is where that energy body ends. I think that it doesn’t. That we are somehow plumbed in to all-that-is, but most people aren’t aware of it. The upshot is – that you know more than you know you know! 😉 With that said, imagine someone sending out remote healing to you. You could be sitting at home or at work, doing whatever it is you do and you wouldn’t have a clue it was happening – consciously that is.

Your subconscious is a different matter. There is a lot we pick up subconsciously and absent healing is just one of those things. You might be eating a meal at the same time as your subconscious picks up a stream of healing energy sent your way. While you’re tucking in unawares, part of you will either accept the energy or block it. Isn’t that great? You don’t have to do anything?! You can just get on with your dinner! That energy if accepted will go on to do it’s job, either – during dinner – or if it considers it more expedient – later on, say when you’re asleep. No effort needed on your part!

It’s not so good however when you’re in a healing session and the conscious part of your mind wants to accept help, while your subconscious is giving it the boot! Part of our work is checking for blocks and clearing them so that changes can be made. Blocks are a pain! 😉 They really need a post to themselves so I’ll come back to them another time.

Let’s get back on topic. You are sending healing to someone. You haven’t asked their permission, they’ve got (consciously) no idea it’s coming. No problem! Their unconscious self will sort out the ‘permission’ part so you will not be going against their free will.

In most situations this isn’t necessary as you would normally be able to have a conversation to ask them if they would like to receive healing. I wouldn’t suggest going around sending out to all and sundry, whether they want it or not. It may not defy any karmic laws but it’s not ideal!

Talking of karma – since it IS possible to go against someone’s free will (although that strays into other areas such as magic and personal power) it’s worth noting that those actions have a price. Even if you intend to do good but are actually forcing your will onto someone else, there will be some kind of unwanted repercussion, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

A friend of mine once sent out healing to a man who was seriously ill, and in this case she didn’t ask permission or tell him it was happening. She told me that her healing had bounced back and she didn’t know why, which illustrates what I have been saying about being able to block what is being offered, whether you know about it or not.

We may never know why people reject healing energies. Just because someone is ill, doesn’t mean that they’ll be open to healing, in fact they may well have given up hope and shut down completely. There are many reasons why people, consciously or subconsciously, refuse to accept help; they may be overwhelmed, despairing, or even scared of change (even if that change might save their life). It is a complex issue, but the point is that sometimes, however hard you try, you can’t ‘get in’.

It is very hard to accept, when you believe you can help someone but they turn you down or shut you out. It is hardest of all when those people are family members or close friends, but even in that situation there is something you can do.

‘Doing’ might be a bit of an odd choice of word, but energetically it is accurate! If someone is flat out refusing to change or accept help then the best thing you can ‘do’ for them is to take a step back and accept their decision. This is a technique that can be used, not just by therapists but by everyone else as well.

By all means, use your persuasion or your therapy skills in the first instance, but at the end of the day, if it doesn’t work then you have to accept it is not the right time. The best way to help them is not to cut off from them or detach (although I appreciate it may be painful). Stay present, and try to feel acceptance for where they are in their lives at the moment. It’s not an easy thing to do but try to remember you are playing a longer game, and focus on the end result.

As I mentioned earlier, people can feel energetically if you are trying to change them and will instinctively protect themselves. In this situation they will probably expect pressure or resistance from you and when they don’t pick it up, it confuses them. They no longer need to adopt a defensive position.

This is progress – as when people ‘fling up a wall’ there is no getting past it! If you can get them to relax their (energetic) defensive stance then you start to create room for things to happen. You can’t force it, but just by holding an energy of non-judgement and acceptance, it encourages them to change. You may have heard the expression – ‘what you resist persists’? Or ‘desperation repels’? Both of those are true which is why, in that situation, you need to stop trying so hard, in fact you need to stop ‘trying’ full stop! Trying creates pressure and resistance, which the person you are trying to help will detect and their barriers will go up!

There is no guarantee of course of results, and I’m not saying it’s a walk in the park – but I do believe it is the only thing that can give you – or rather them – the best chance of making a change.

So… those are my thoughts on how and when you can – and should – try to help people. Ideally people will ask for help or you will offer and they will accept, but life is complicated. Now you have a couple more options when you’re really stuck and you don’t need to worry about being struck down or karma biting you on the bum. Result! 😉