What’s really happening on earth? Where the (ahem) hell, did the ‘Golden Age’ go??

What’s really been happening on the earth all this time? What about the golden age? Is it here yet? Will it ever get here? Is it just all a load of wishful thinking and spiritual claptrap?

Well, I have another question. What happened to all the peace, love and goodwill in the 60’s? Wasn’t that supposed to lead somewhere? Because, it didn’t. Which seems a bit strange. A trajectory that got cut off in its prime. And if it WAS meant to be the start of the new aquarian age/golden age/whatever you want to call it, then what happened?

You might not like the answer. And people who were ‘up there’ planning to arrive on earth for the aforementioned ‘new age’ will be even more pissed off, as the energies that they had counted on being present for their particular missions on earth never arrived, which made everything that bit more difficult. Perhaps they’re looking back now thinking, “but I was supposed to do so much more. What happened?” Hmmm. Good question. Something that was completely out of order – in every sense!

Basically, there was something that acted like a kind of lens distortion re what was happening on the earth. The nonphysical beings, aliens, angels, however you want to think of them, were looking at earth and at the future timeline, and as far as they could see, it was going forward nicely.

And what about when it didn’t materialise? Well, it just seemed to them that there were a few glitches, and anyway, what is ‘time’ when you’re operating outside of it? We had loads, they had loads, earth had loads. So, it was taking a bit longer than anticipated. No problem.

Quite apart from mixed messages being sent and received between the physical and nonphysical – which made it a lot harder for the planet to get the help it needed, there was the matter of LOOPS. And I don’t mean fruit loops (although some of you are probably thinking I am – well you wouldn’t be the first!). So – you know what a loop is right?

I propose that around the end of the sixties there was a kind of reset. Not ‘the great reset’ – whatever that is, I’m just using the term to illustrate what happened. You could put it another way.

The people on earth were playing snakes and ladders and they’d got right to the top of the board. They were one throw of the dice away from winning. Only… there was a space with a snake on it that went right back to square number one. Who remembers that? That’s the one you don’t want to land on, right?

Well, we did – or rather earth did – and wheeee! back down the snake we went. Goodbye peace and love and hello commercialism, capitalism and many other ‘isms that were not helpful for humanity’s development. But – hey the technological age was blossoming, so on the surface of things it looked like progress. To the ‘nonphysicals’ as well.

As far as they were concerned, earth had just gone a little off course. It just needed one or two adjustments. But they had to keep on making adjustments, until it was easy to get caught up in the fine detail of adjusting course, so that was where all of their focus went and it was harder, if not impossible, to see the bigger picture.

Loops. What loops? They weren’t seeing any loops (because the loops were never MEANT to be seen). And, of course, if you’re in them it’s rather hard to do. And those down on earth were completely caught up.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think we went through the entire journey again, only quicker this time, and then reset every time there was a big leap forward in consciousness. Loopy right? And extremely clever.

Everyone was working so hard to ‘make the world a better place’ and make leaps of consciousness and every time we congratulated ourselves for a job well done, we’d hop back to square one again, only, each time, it got less noticeable, and in the end we accepted it as the norm.

And I’m saying all this, not because I expect people to believe it, but because I really like the idea of putting it out there, whether or not it is believed, or accepted. The internet is a powerful energy, you see. You put things ‘out there’ on it and maybe you get engagement and maybe you don’t, but you’ve still put it into that melting pot of information that is available to all. And energetically that will find a way to leak into the general consciousness – or rather unconsciousness. And that’ll really piss off certain parties, who would prefer that we were all kept in the – ahem – dark. Job done, I reckon.

Are you a starseed believer or a ‘deluded schmuck’? Or are you just completely not triggered?

So, the mainstream media have started to report about groups of people that – gasp – believe they are ‘not from here’. Otherwise known as starseeds, these poor misguided individuals actually believe that a) we’re not alone in the multiverse and b) that the human body, miraculous as it is, is not the only form a soul might inhabit.

Clearly anyone believing in that kind of phenomena must be on drugs, looking to escape reality or just plain mad.  Because, after all, the government would have told us if there were aliens. Right…? And let’s not forget the scientific evidence, that is, apparently, completely missing for any kind of life ‘out there’.

I’m afraid, despite all the colourful language and accusations flying around, I can barely elicit a yawn in response.

There is, perhaps quite rightly, hot debate amongst the new-age communities about all this. Isn’t it just another form of prejudice? ‘Starseedism’ perhaps? After all, it’s just another ‘origin theory’ if you like, along with many of the religions of the world. And, good point, but that’s actually not what interests me about all this.

What interests me is that I’m NOT triggered! Maybe they need to throw bigger insults, and question the sanity of delusional individuals such as myself? Or maybe I’m just too bored to muster up much outrage.

After all, the reaction of the non-woo parties makes sense. If you’ve never even considered the possibility of life, other than on our, quite frankly, magnificent planet (that we’re doing a good job of destroying, but that’s another story!)  then it would of course, be a laughable idea that any form of non-human might exist.  Laughable, crazy, impossible and even a bit frightening. ‘Mars Attacks!’ anyone? Ack! Ack! (whoops – showing my age there!)

So I can totally understand the derogatory comments. It kind of makes sense. What is doesn’t do, is change my mind, or my beliefs on the subject, or anyone else’s for that matter. So, it seems a bit pointless to argue.

It actually makes me giggle, the thought that anyone ‘down here’ can state with absolute confidence that they know actually what is and isn’t present in the vastness of the multiverse. Especially when we haven’t even been able to explore further than our own solar system.

To state that you know ‘all about something’ is also a little bit flawed in my opinion. I mean, you might have extensive and even expert knowledge in a particular area, but do you know everything there is to know? Surely you are looking at things from your own subjective lens in any case – which I’m not knocking – it is a valuable and beautiful thing to see through your own lens and then share those thoughts and ideas with others.

In some of the communities I’m a part of, they talk about the danger of coming to conclusions and while it’s a bit of a head-spinner at first (what do you mean there’s no absolute truth?!) I have to agree.

I think of it a bit more like, well, I’ve reached this point in my thinking. It’s pretty solid, I can’t get further that that, so this is my current theory. There’s probably more truth to add at a later point, but this is fine for now.

So, instead of hurling insults and abuse at one another over whether and what we believe, maybe we should all accept that there is more than one truth, and that none of us have the whole truth (and nothing but the truth!). After all, the more you know, the more you realise you DON’T know – and that in itself, can be a beautiful thing.

For all the gods are one god and all the goddesses are one goddess and to every man his own truth – and the god within.

When the bleedin obvious isn’t actually obvious after all, what do you do? Answer – listen to your body!

It has been a rather tumultuous time for us lately (great British understatement!) Hence the lack of a post last month.

Last June, a brush with Covid highlighted pre-burn out and how I really had to set boundaries and curtail my activities, even though it was the very last thing I wanted to do.

Since then, things took a nosedive, til, at the end of January, things came to a head. I have for many years, felt that I had discovered the very bottom of the barrel, however, each time, something new would come along to make me realise that no, actually, life could get worse. I’ve been pushed to the absolute limit in terms of what I could take physically, mentally and emotionally.

On my birthday (as it happened), I finally reached the end of what had been a very long rope! Less than 24 hours later, the pressure lifted and with it the circumstances that had been causing so much trauma. Yay! – except I was pretty much on the floor energetically speaking. Thinking was done through a fog. Trying to cope with simple tasks could throw me into tailspin – and as for doing two things at once…! This, despite the fact that I am, and have been, an excellent plate spinner – occasionally while doing the tango at the same time! 😉

So – when, quite by chance I came across an opportunity to attend a short course of webinars to learn a new healing modality, the obvious answer to that would be – forget it! Or would it? Because, you see, I wasn’t (given that I’m not quite that stupid) looking for that at the moment. The healing modality had been on my radar for a while, but I hadn’t felt drawn to explore it. Until now, that is.

Given the bonkers timing it seemed logical to draw up a list of questions to ask myself. Like:

  • Have I gone mad? (good opener!)
  • What makes me think I’ll be able to have the brain power and focus to take it in?
  • Am I just looking to ‘collect’ another healing modality; learning for the sake of learning?
  • Can I afford the time and money?
  • Shouldn’t I wait and see if the opportunity comes up again at a more convenient time?

By the next morning, however, I was suddenly very clear that this course was drawing me like a magnet. Forget the dos and don’ts, the shoulds and should nots. My instinct was telling me in no uncertain terms that this was something I needed to do. Now. Not at an unspecified future time.

I’ve had a lot of experience of listening to my intuition so I know when it’s yelling at me. Hence, I signed up.

So, what happened? Did I fall over? Could I possibility fit anything more into my overcrowded head? Well, yes, as it turns out. The course was exactly what I needed – needed to know and needed to do. Perfect! But at the maddest time imaginable for me, personally. Which brings me to my point.

Logic and common sense are great. Thinking before you act can be important, but there are times when you have to do the wild thing (no – not THAT wild thing!) 😉 even though it might seem ridiculous.

Our brains are very clever and they’re used to being in charge but they don’t know everything. So, at the end of the day, don’t assume that what looks good on paper will be good in real life, or, that just because something was true once it will be true again.

Circumstances change, people change, energies fluctuate. Even what your body needs, or can tolerate, in regard to food and drink can change daily. So, it’s always wise to check in with the part of you that might know things your brain doesn’t. And if that intuitive knowing seems ridiculous, then question it by all means, but let it have its say, because sometimes the thing you least expect is exactly what you need.

How to stay in the present moment when it feels unbearable

A few days ago it was the anniversary of the ‘continuation’ of Thich Nhat Hanh — affectionately known as ‘Thay’, (teacher)  — Zen Master to some, Ascended Master to others. In any case, a very significant being whose whole life was a teaching – both in his books and talks and in the way he lived.

I thought it was an appropriate time to post this video — one of many thankyou Age of You Tube! — that reminds us that power is in the present moment. Thay shows us that just by taking one mindful breath we can arrive ‘home’ to ourselves. Much as the technological age is useful in many ways (like being able to listen to Thay’s teachings) it is also a thief of consciousness.

If you are glued to a screen, then you are not in the present moment and you have lost the chance to be aware of yourself, what is happening round you and, more importantly, what you can do about it!

There are so many reasons to be out of it these days, but if we are to have a chance at taking back the world then we need to be in it – and, more particularly, in our bodies.

It might seem all very well to advise people to be in their bodies and in the moment when that moment is horribly painful. I acknowledge that this may very well seem impossible to some, so I’d like to offer an alternative. 

For me, just watching Thay and hearing him speaking puts me into a very calm, relaxed and more mindful state. So, if you can’t be in your body and experiencing that painful moment right now, why not find Thay on You Tube instead?

His presence is still available through these talks and interviews and, as his followers would tell you, in many other places! We’re damn lucky to have it – so exploit that free resource. You’ll feel a lot better right in that moment — and that’s what it’s all about!

Silver on the Tree

A few powerful words, to see out the old year and welcome in the new. Not of my own this time, mind. This is a quote (for those of you that don’t know) from a book called Silver on the Tree by Susan Cooper, last in a sequence called The Dark is Rising. If you have seen the film however, delete it from your mind – it has no relevance here – no relevance at all, some might say, but that’s another discussion!

So, this rhyme refers back to the events in the books, which are, of course, fictional. Maybe it’s just because I read the books (and I recommend The Dark is Rising especially, it is full of information in between the lines!) but this really resonates for me – it always has. Especially the last two lines.

When the dark comes rising, six shall turn it back;

Three from the circle, three from the track

Wood, bronze, iron; water, fire, stone,

Five will return, and one go alone.

Iron for the birthday, bronze carried long;

Wood from the burning, stone out of song;

Fire in the candle-ring, water from the thaw

Six Signs the circle, and the grail gone before.

Fire on the mountain shall find the harp of gold

Played to wake the Sleepers, oldest of the old;

Power from the green witch, lost beneath the sea;

All shall find the light at last, silver on the tree.

Perhaps 2023 will be more of a Silver on the Tree year… Here’s hoping!