About Us

We want to put people back in the driving seat of their physical bodies. You don’t have to feel like you’ve bought a one way ticket, with no choice of destination!

We have over 25 years experience of working in the field of energy healing and have been working with what is now referred to as ‘consciousness technology’ to create new and better ways of helping people.

Over the years, we have both suffered from, and overcome, severely limiting conditions. The tools and techniques we developed along the way eventually evolved into our Multi-Dimensional Healing practice. An important part of the process has been understanding how the issues arose in the first place and clearing the blocks that were preventing healing from taking place.

We want to empower people by helping them understand where their condition comes from. We want to assist people to have greater understanding of how they process and store emotions and how clearing old and ‘stuck’ emotional ‘baggage’ can make wonderful changes both physically and emotionally.

Our goals:

To make a difference.

To offer hope and an expanded view of what is possible.

To change the world… by helping one person at a time.