The power of belief in energy therapy. Does disbelief matter? Can it affect the outcome and will you still get results?

This is something I’m often asked. If you come for a session of Multi-Dimensional Healing, do you need to believe in it first? If you don’t believe, will it make a difference?

So far I have found that disbelief on its own is not strong enough to block the client from getting results from a session. I suspect you would need to feel a strong emotion such as hostility or fear – and more along the lines of terror rather than trepidation!

I would normally be able to give an example, but I’ve never worked on anyone who was actively hostile or terrified. I think there is an obvious reason for that!

I have however worked with clients who have never experienced anything remotely ‘woo woo’ and although they have been sceptical and slightly nervous of what it might involve, we still got results. If an emotion was strong enough then it could produce an energy similar to a block. We come across, and actively look for blocks, all the time in sessions, as they need to be cleared in order for change to happen. I think this may be the reason that a treatment, whether medicine-based or alternative, doesn’t always work, as something is stopping the body from allowing change.

We have come across lots of different types of blocks in our work but I’ll save those for another post! Suffice it to say that if you believe something strongly enough and it is an unhelpful belief then that can block you getting what you want.

If you break it down, belief is just a mental pattern. You may have heard is said that our thoughts and beliefs shape our lives. Perhaps you’ve also heard the story of frogs climbing a tower? They drop out one by one and the spectators are all shouting that it isn’t possible.

One frog makes it to the top regardless. When asked why he wasn’t deterred by the doubt and negativity, it turns out he was deaf! This is so true of life. If enough people tell us we can’t, then we may well believe them and give up, or we may keep going, but if we believe it cannot be done we are much more likely to fail. If we can ignore the voices, either externally or internally that are telling us we can’t, we are on the path to success.

If you watch programmes like ‘Who Dares Wins’ for example, you will hear a lot about mental strength. It is all very well having the physical strength (I wish I was even a fraction as fit!) but as you watch, it becomes clear that super fitness isn’t enough. Special forces recruits have to have the mental toughness not to give up on themselves.

When the recruits are confronted about a mistake or exposed in a lie, you can see their insecurities take over. Instead of deciding to do better, they focus on their failings and their lack of self-belief eventually sees them eliminated. The important thing to recognise is that the only person who takes them out of the game is themselves. This is true of life and why it is so important to identify what beliefs form our reality.

There is a bigger picture to be considered as well, but clearing unhelpful beliefs is an important part of our work. At the end of the day, beliefs like thinking that you can’t learn an instrument, can’t get a job or can’t find a partner, are just going to get in your way. It is an all-round lose-lose scenario!

So, since it’s a new year and time to clear the slate, start looking at what you believe about yourself and your life. Are those beliefs helpful? If they aren’t – throw them out and get new ones!

Yes, you can come for a session of Multi-Dimensional Healing and we’ll help you get rid of them, but there is nothing stopping you doing the work yourself. A belief is only a thought that you continue to think over and over again.

You can create beliefs by telling yourself a new story about your situation. Make if up if you have to, or deliberately find examples around you that support your belief. The more you focus on building it up, the stronger it gets. Eventually it sinks into your subconscious and becomes part of your reality. With focus and determination and by constantly reminding yourself what you are trying to do, you can get it done!

Here’s to a new, happy and successful you with brand new sparkling and supportive beliefs! Bottoms up!

One thought on “The power of belief in energy therapy. Does disbelief matter? Can it affect the outcome and will you still get results?

  1. Very interesting. I tried reflexology for the first time a couple of months ago. It had been offered to me for a good while before that but I had refused knowing that I was possibly too sceptical about it ‘working’ for me to reap any benefits. The whole idea of thought pattern informing physicality is interesting, as is the area of working with energies. 🙂

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