What is Multi-Dimensional Healing?

Multi-Dimensional Healing is a form of energy manipulation designed to clear physical, mental and emotional issues. We look beneath the obvious surface issue, to find and clear the root cause, which can then enable healing on every level.
Sometimes the reason healing or medical intervention doesn’t work is because there is subconscious resistance from the body that either blocks change or only allows change to be temporary. Checking for and clearing those blocks, allows for a greater level of transformation and healing.

We have seen miraculous and amazing change in our clients and are excited to work with as many people as possible, so they can fulfill their potential and be a force for good in the world.

What does it cost?

All sessions are 1 hour and cost £50.

Treatments are at our home in Norwich, but we can offer remote sessions via Zoom, or even over the phone if necessary.

To book an appointment or request further information please contact us.